Interactive Notepages & Teacher Guides EXPLAINED!

Dear Fellow Educator,

We are so excited you’re going to share Interactive Reading and Notetaking with your students. The process is powerful!

Enclosed you will find the Interactive Reading & Notetaking social studies CD you ordered. Our interactive notepages have been aligned with Virginia’s curriculum framework. Each CD contains notepages, teacher guides, and question pages for each standard. Here’s how it works! The NOTEPAGE is the only handout that should be given to your students. Interacting with the information on the notepage shows students the strategies for learning how to learn! The TEACHER GUIDE is . . . for the teacher! After setting the objective with your students, the teacher guide shows how to model the instructional strategies and reading strategies explicitly and consistently. It’s all about metacognition! We have also placed more of an emphasis on building our students’ vocabulary this time around. The QUESTION PAGE not only includes a greater number of higher level questions, but we have also included suggestions for practice, vocabulary words, and writing activities. As there is a difference in planning a unit around activities and planning a unit around knowledge, our suggestions focus on what students have to know.

If you have any questions, suggestions of your own, or revelations, please contact us via our website or call 757-576-1428 .

Thank you again for your support of Interactive Reading and Notetaking as we continue to revolutionize teaching AND learning!


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